Penthouse Pricing

FULL PENTHOUSE:      $260/hr                                         5,000 sq. ft.

Lounge Area:            $85/hr                                           1,000 sq. ft.

Dance Studio:           $60/hr                                           1,450 sq. ft.

Stage:                       $60/hr                                          16x12 sq. ft.

Main Room:                $160/hr                                           800 sq. ft.


Day rate:                   $2,500 flat fee                     12 hrs or more

Wireless Mic:           $20 flat fee

Speakers:                 $50 flat fee

added to lounge


+ Screen:                 $100 flat fee


or screen "ONLY":    $50 flat fee

Stage Speakers:      $20 flat fee


Custom rates are made based on which portion of the space you want to rent our. For more information or to make an appointment to view the space, contact us at 818-487-0100 or